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Module 13. Collective Working, Consortiums and Governance

A. Training Notes  

Increasingly the discourse in the refugee and displaced persons field is focusing on directly funding refugee led organisations, with an emphasis on women’s groups.

Unfortunately, there are still many structural barriers to this happening. These need to be addressed to enable long term sustainability and a move towards self-sufficiency, and contributing to host communities.


To assist RLOs to strengthen their governance structures, and to explore models of formalising their organisations, to enable them to be competitive in the funding market.

B. PowerPoint Slides

This presentation will take the group through the materials relevant of formalising their RLOs and explore the possibilities, advantages and disadvantages of working collectively.

It was developed by Elise Arya Chen specifically for use in Malaysia, but the format can be adapted by persons with relevant local knowledge for use in other country settings.

Elise Arya Chen is a human rights advocate based in Malaysia. She works with refugees, including leaders and community-based organisations on skills capacity building, organisational development and empowerment in various capacities. Passionate in supporting and catalysing refugee-led voices and initiatives, she has trained and mentored a diverse range of leaders, and supported the founding of a refugee-led women’s organisation and a refugee advocacy group.

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