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Developed by Associate Professor Eileen Pittaway and Dr Linda Bartolomei, Graphics by Damayanthi Muthukumarage, Website by Anja Wendt

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Refugee Women and Girls, the Key to Implementing Commitments made in the Global Compact on Refugees

A Resource Kit for working with unregistered and registered refugee-led organisations, and groups with diverse levels of education to identify context-specific barriers and solutions to: Gender Equality, Participation, Leadership, Decision making, Social inclusion and an improved response to Sexual and Gender Based Violence

Developed by Eileen Pittaway and Linda Bartolomei, 2023. The Forced Migration Research Network, University of New South Wales, Australia

The Resource Kit contains a number of Tools (See below)

To learn how it was developed, click 2. Background.  To understand why, click 3. Rationale.  For suggestions on how to use the materials, click 4. How to Use the Tools and suggested Training models. To see what is covered in the Resources, click 5. Tools in the Kit.  Click 6 for Additional Resources

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The Resource Kit contains a number of Tools and Training Materials, (See Below)

For this reason we have used the first person to introduce the materials to you. We invite all stakeholders to share suggestions for adaptations and or extensions based on their experiences of using the tool and resources and to showcase examples of own good practice.