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Developed by Associate Professor Eileen Pittaway and Dr Linda Bartolomei, Graphics by Damayanthi Muthukumarage, Website by Anja Wendt

How to use these materials

We have used an intersectional approach in our analysis and response to the key questions addressed in this Resource Kit.  However, the materials are organised into 14 separate Training Modules for ease of use.

Ideally, participants should complete each module. The learnings from each session come together in the final Module 14, Using an Intersectional Approach to Developing a Strategic Plan

We realise that this will take time, and that diverse groups will already be familiar with some of the materials.  It is up to the Facilitator to work out with the participants which Modules they will find most useful. 

If you want just to see the Tools and Exercises, click here. The material in the Training Modules can be augmented with some of the training modules in Additional Resources.  You will find useful related information in Materials from other Practitioners.

The Resource Kit Training Manual is a guide for running these Modules. Tips for Trainers is not specific to this website, but is full of suggestions for running successful sessions.