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Module 2 – Acknowledging Difference in Refugee and Displaced Communities

In this Module, we have grouped four sessions together. They are: 4. Age Gender and Diversity, 5. Addressing Sexual and Gender Based Violence, 6. Harnessing Lived Experience, and 7. Working with Refugee Men.

To investigate and understand these complex issues we introduce two major Tools, which are part of the Reciprocal Research methodology, (Link).  They are The Matrix AGD Analysis Tool, (Link) and Storyboards (Link).

These tools are designed to be used with stakeholders at all levels, including refugee community members, service providers and policy makers. They can be employed to collect data and analyse a wide range of issues

We demonstrate how they can be adapted to: understand the ways in which specific issues, such as access to education are experienced by diverse groups in the refugee communities; examine the impact of, and potential solutions to SGBV; and the different needs of refugee women and girls, men and boys.