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Age Gender and Diversity Training Package

Using an intersectional framework

Training kit: An Introduction to Intersectionality, Age Gender and Diversity. Making it work for you in situations of forced displacement and statelessness produced by  UNSW and UNHCR

Designed for: All stakeholders working with refugees, forcibly displaced and stateless persons, including refugee-led organisations, UNHCR staff, service providers and volunteers.

Overview: This one-day training session was developed as part of a suite of training materials which are a key output of an Australian Government Funded research project, Refugee Women and Girls, Key to the Global Compact on Refugees. The purpose of this Training Kit is to introduce and explain the concepts of ‘Intersectionality’ and the UNHCR ‘Age, Gender and Diversity’ (AGD) framework and policy


There are three parts in the training package:

The AGD Matrix Tool Website also provides information and material.